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Fast compact houses. ADU

We present to your attention a series of compact houses, excellent both as the main house and as an additional unit on your site under the ADU program.

With their compact layout, these houses have everything to comfortably live a family of 3-4 people. Let it be a young family with children or the older generation on vacation. The houses are suitable for construction as residential units in resort areas, for short-term rental, and on Airbnb. With its low cost and speed of construction, you could make an excellent business and make a good profit in the shortest possible time. The natural materials of these buildings will perfectly fit into the picturesque corners of nature.

The ADU State Building Program can help you get grants to pay permits and get subsidies to build your home.

Ready-made designs for some models of houses, tested and approved by the building department, will save time on obtaining building permits. This also allows us to quickly manufacture and deliver the house package to the construction site.

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