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Tahoe is not only an amazing lake, it is the land of magnificent mountains and ski resorts. What could be more beautiful than a holiday in the mountains? Just a holiday in the mountains, in your Chalet!

Do you like mountain Сhalets?

Today, the brightest representatives of the architectural structures of the CHALET are located in many famous ski resorts in the world.

The term "chalet" came to us from France and means a small alpine house in the countryside, a distinctive feature of which is the characteristic architecture. Literally, "chalet" means "shepherd's hut." The story tells that in the old days, shepherds went to the Alps for long grazing herds and then had to equip their places to spend the night. At first, they built small huts, and later they transformed them into more comfortable housing. Around the 18th century, philosophers and creative people became interested in such buildings, who believed that for a comfortable life, a person needed unity with nature.

The chalet is also called a mixed building, as a combination of stone and wood is used for its construction. The first floor of the chalet is made of stone or brick, while the second floor is completely built of wood. Such houses began to be built in Switzerland, where landslides and rockfalls are often observed. The builders invented such a building, the foundation and the first floor of which will be protected from natural phenomena. So the "chalet" acquired its present form.

Check out 5 of the best designer chalets for a mountain getaway.

Chalet Zermatt Peak (Switzerland)

Chalet Mont Blanc, Megeve (France)

Chalet 1551, Lech (Austria)

My World, Megeve, France

Makini, Verbier, (Switzerland)

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